Volume 3 Issue 2

International Journal of Legal Research and Development

Volume 3 Issue 2

August 2020

  1. Pearl Yadav – International Human Rights: Violation Of Human Rights Of Indigenous Peoples Due To Tourism Across The Globe – Download
  2. Dr. Karavi Barman and Upasana Bora – Socio-Economic Offences In India In Light Of Covid 19 Scenario – Download
  3. Sujan Ganesh – India And Homosexuality: A Judicial – Customary Interpretation – Download
  4. Khushi Adnan and Harshit Gupta – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism to the Rescue: Justice Without Trial – Download
  5. Prabhav Sharma and Aarushi Dhanda – Is Juvenile Delinquency A New Normal for Post Pandemic Society- Download
  6. Kohelica Nag – Berne Convention on Literary and Artistic Work – Download

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