Volume 1 Issue 2

International Journal of Legal Research and Development

Volume 1 Issue 2

December 2018

List of Published Articles (Top 18 Papers of MP Law Conclave)

  1.  Dalima Arora and Aadarsh Anand – Stalking in India- A Critical Analysis – Download
  2.  Gyan Prakash Kesharwani- Sabrimala and The Quest for Equality – Download
  3.  Tanya Bhilware and Surbhi Khandelwal- Impact of Plastic Ban in India – Download
  4.  Tejas Hinder and Shambhavi Khare – Analysis of the Practise of Manual Scavenging – Download 
  5.  Risha Kumari and Shriya Paruthi – Nucelar Energy and Environment – Download
  6.  Jasmeen Kaur and Hemakshi Singla – Political Horoscope of Indian Constitution – Download
  7.  Jigyasa Agrawal and Yashika Varshney – Adultery: Love or Backstab – Download
  8.  Chitralekha Bharadwaj and Tanvi Pandey – Emergence of Cyber Crime – Download
  9.  Mansi Agarwal and Dakshita Bajpai – Alternative Dispute Resolution: Is it Always an Alternative? – Download
  10.  Paras Miglani and Prabhav Sharma – Arbitration and Conciliation as a Method of ADR – Download
  11.  Simran Saluja – Data Protection As A Critical Fundamental Law And Big Data Implications On Competition Law – Download
  12.  Rupal Dutta and Archisha Suraj – Liability of Robots: New Era of Crime – Download
  13.  Kajal Dubey and Janamejaya Upadhyay – Surrogacy: A Societial Boon or A Curse – Download
  14.  Shefali Kanoujia and Sidhharth Priyam – Fundamental Rights Quarantined: An Analysis of Desperate Times and the Call for Desperate Measures – Download
  15.  Sonam Modani anf Utkarsh Mishra – Manual Scavenging: A Prolonged Menace – Download
  16.  Palak Joshi and Divyanshi Gupta – Human Rights vis-à-vis Environment Download
  17. Madhur Bhatnagar and Vikas Khokhar – The Changing Trends in the Right to Privacy with Regards to Recent Development –Download
  18.  Gunjan Atri and Ayush Srivastav – Corruptolution Tackling the Evolution of Corruption in India through Criminal Law – Download

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